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Heimdal Eiendomsmegling was established in 1996 and has since then become one of the leading real estate agencies in Trøndelag. In Trondheim we are located at Solsiden, Byåsen, Høyskoleparken, Heimdal and Rosten. We also have offices in Stjørdal, Melhus, Orkanger and Støren.

We take immense pride in selling your home, and Heimdal Eiendomsmegling will be available throughout the sales process. We will guide you from the first meeting until the property is sold. Our promise to you - we go the extra mile. Always!

Our prices

An overview of the price of our real estate services. You may choose between commission-based payment or payment based on hours spent. Minimum commission and fees may vary between geographical areas, price level and saleability of the object, as well as stipulated workload with the assignment. All prices are quoted incl. VAT.

  • Commission: 1-4%
    Minimum commission: NOK 40,000

    In addition, the client pays for:

    • Marketing: from NOK 14,950
    • Preparation fee: NOK 15,000
    • Settlement fee: NOK 3,750
    • Open house viewing fee: NOK 1,990 per
    • Disbursements: NOK 290 per
  • In the case of an hourly rate, the rate amounts to NOK 2,000 per hour for all work relating to the assignment. All direct expenses come as well. The number of hours will vary according to the assignment.

    • Information from the municipality: from NOK 1,000 to NOK 5,000 depending on the municipality
    • Securing bond: NOK 585 / NOK 480
    • Extract from the land register: NOK 172 per piece.
    • Copy mortgage document: NOK 172 per
    • Basic visual communication package: NOK 2,700
    • Neighborhood profile: NOK 383

    In addition, fees may apply from the accountant/ business manager, photographer, appraiser and home seller insurance.

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